Mobartia, is a highly specialized company focused on the conceptual design and development of solutions for the mobile world. We are motivated and dedicated by innovative ideas, modern business practices, and intelligent software applications for end-to-end solutions which aim to provide excellent user experience and successful business operations.

We focus on end-to-end solutions, because in this converging and interlacing technological environment, it is the only way to truly offer a differentiated, competitive and effective solution, yet highly relevant to demanding customer needs. Mobile business projects are more than just software development. The mobile market is constantly evolving, offering new devices and concepts, which improve the mobile experience and offer additional opportunities.

In this unique approach where ‘Business is the Technology’ and ‘Technology is the Business Strategy’, we bring together and combine the latest Web Technologies, all the Internet ‘goodies’, Social Networking Principles and state-of-the-art Mobile Technologies for a complete, integrated offering.


We live and breathe within differentiation and innovation. Committed, to help clients achieve measurable business results and at the same time an excellent user experience, fulfilling their aspirations through our highly specialized, innovative and effective concepts and solutions.


People need meaningful, relevant, location-based as well as personalized services & information. Our aim is to offer true value to the consumer. This is the way to create successful business-to-consumer (B2C) engagements in our days.

– Focus On Users, their problems, their lives, their work, their needs. We work to discover our clients actual needs, even those not always articulated in order to effectively serve real world needs with our solutions.

– Innovation, Innovation, Innovation! Innovation and Differentiation is our DNA. It’s something we are extremely passionate about.

– Simple is Powerful. Simple design, ease and speed of use, aesthetics and accessibility are key drivers for our solutions.

 Better to do One Thing, Extremely Well! Our dedication is towards excellence not perfection. Excellence in what we have decided to focus. We believe it’s better to focus on one thing, and do it really, really well. Therefore we aim to bring powerful Solutions for the Mobile Environment to previously unexplored areas, and to help our clients to highly enhance their experience.

– Great is not Good Enough. Doing great is just a starting point. Continuous innovation will take us to the endpoint which in turn will be the next starting point. We have a vision to go “further than expected” in this growing Mobile World which who knows where it will go!

– Life is Good! “Life is good when we think it’s good. Life is bad when we don’t think”. We have integrated this quote into our professional philosophy, fully enjoying our life in the global web, mobile and technology landscape, adding a human touch in anything we design.


Mobartia was founded by a team of individuals with deep and long international experience in sales, business development, information technology, software development, business consulting, marketing, professional services and the mobile industries.

Mobartia’s founders, among other qualifications, have served for many years as top executives in Fortune’s top 20 multinational Companies and are very proud of their “brain chil”, as well as of some exceptional people that are now working on Mobartia’s projects.